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The Fulvic Story

Fulvic Minerals in one respect is the new delivery system for bioavailable minerals... Well, truth be told there is nothing new about the power for Fulvic Acid - Humic Acid and certainly not MUD!  

As children we played in the MUD and for some of us, those were some of the best days of our lives, who would have thought that essential nutrients that drive our bodies performance were right there in the puddle. 

So maybe the mud puddle you were playing in did not display the vital elements that our Fulvic Minerals do... but the fact is our creator did a fabulous job in creating a process whereby plants, botanicals and earth elements over time would create the perfect substrate to formulate a mineral product that help our bodies thrive.

Marc's passion goes back decades now and his desire to educate people on this powerful earth based process and product... so If you JUMP IN THE MUD with us you will enjoy a broad spectrum of benefits!  

FULVIC minerals are formed through the decomposition of plants, sometimes over thousands of years. The mud in this bog has been decomposing since the last Ice Age when the valley floor and all of its vegetation were covered with water from melting glaciers. The mud from this bog contains the remains of some 1500 species of plants including some that are now extinct.

Of all the bogs, Marc tested over 60 locational sites across Quebec and Ontario, Casselman had the highest levels of fulvic minerals, even higher than the mud from German bogs which has been harvested for therapeutic purposes for centuries.

There is increasing scientific evidence that inflammation and oxidative stress are the root cause of many serious illnesses including: heart disease, strokes, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease and even cancers. Many scientists agree that simple lifestyle changes such as increasing your intake of fruits, vegetables and phytonutrients and decreasing or eliminating toxins can have a profound positive effect on overall diseases related to aging.

NuWTR products have been formulated to help reduce the effects of inflammation and oxidative stress. In addition to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits of NuWTR products also help:
  • Healthy Immune & Digestive systems
  • Reduction of stress & muscle fatigue
  • Healthy natural detoxification
  • Absorption of important nutrients
  • Anti-viral anti fungal skin rejuvenation
All our products contain our proprietary bio-nutrient formula.

At NuWTR, understanding this lifelong relationship is at the very core of our mission. We strive to bring to the world an earth product of the purest quality and with powerful mineralizing and regenerative properties. Our unwavering intention is to educate the population in the benefits of nourishing themselves on all levels through the consumption of life enhancing natural products that create a symbiotic bond to the world we live within.

The understanding of this powerful exchange of intention and energy allows our mother earth to feel our awareness of her gifts and our sustained gratitude. With this in mind, in exchange for our planet’s bounty, NuWTR gives back a portion of every sale to One Percent for The Planet, a global network of businesses, non-profits and individuals working together for a healthy planet.

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